domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

Pretty Pouch Swap... Part II

Intercambio de bolsita-neceser... Parte II

¿Recordáis cuando hace un par de entradas os hablé del intercambio en el que estaba participando? Se trataba de intercambiar una bolsita tipo neceser con otra compañera y llenarla de golosinas y chocolatinas para luego enviársela como si de un amigo invisible se tratara. Pues bien, hoy os enseño el neceser que hice para Kimberly y que envié nada más y nada menos que hasta Kentucky.

Do you remember the pretty pouch swap I mentioned a few weeks back? Participants had to make a zipper pouch or similar item and purchase some chocolates or sweets to send to the recipient. Well now that the swap is over, tad a... drumroll... this is what I made for Kimberly from Kentucky. 

Antes de comenzar a hacer el neceser estuve "chafardeando" el blog de Kimberly y su cuenta en Pinterest para invesigar sus gustos y su estilo. Después, me puse en contacto con ella por email y me envió algunas fotos de diferentes bolsitas que le gustaban. Escogí las telas de la colección "Little Apples" de Aneela Hoey porque en la encuesta que Kimberly había rellenado al inscribirse al intercambio la había citado como una de sus diseñadoras preferidas.

Before making the pouch, I tried to identify Kimberly's style. To do so, I strolled through her blog and  her Pinterest boards. Then, I contacted her by email and she sent me some photos of some pouches she liked. I chose the bright and colourful "Little Apples"collection because Kimberly mentioned Aneela Hoey as one of her favourite fabric designers.  

Para hacer la flor del centro utilicé la técnica del English Paper Piecing de la que ya os hablé cuando os enseñé mi cojín de hexágonos

I made the flower using some hexies and sewing them by hand using the English Paper Piecing Technique (you can see my hexies pillow in this post). 

En la foto de arriba se puede ver el forro del neceser. Escogí una telita de topos de Riley Blake.

For the lining, I chose a dotted fabric from Riley Blake. 

Y como recordaréis, el neceser debía ir lleno de chuches y chocolatinas... La primera idea que tuve fue buscar golosinas hechas aquí que no se pudieran comprar en Estados Unidos pero después se me ocurrió comprar las chuches que me recordaban a mi infancia... estas eran mis preferidas.

I put some chocolates and sweets into the pouch... At first, I thought that it'd be a good idea to buy sweets made in Spain, those chocolates that Kimberly might not be able to find in the USA but then I decided to buy the chocolates that reminded me of my childhood... these were my favourite treats when I was a child. 

Sólo espero que tanto el neceser como las chuches le gusten a mi compañera... 

I really hope my partner likes both the pouch and the sweets... 

xox Irene

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  1. I am sure Kimberley likes pouch and sweets as well :) Pouch looks so professional! I wish I could learn to sew like that too!

  2. I'm delighted that you like it! It was the first pouch I ever sewed, there are loads of great tutorials on the Internet (I hope I have thetime to post one soon!), so keep on practising and you'll improve quickly, I'm sure! Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to read my blog :)

  3. I love it! I love it! I love it!!! Sorry it has taken me a while to respond - I got the pouch on Saturday and posted a picture of it on Instagram and forgot that you wouldn't see it there. I LOVE hexies! Haven't tackled them myself yet but I plan to soon. I love the colors and the size and all the care you put into designing a pouch with all the things I like! My husband and I have had fun eating all of the treats - we hadn't heard of any of them! My favorite were the white Conguitos and his were the Bueno wafer bars wtih the hazelnut filling. Thank you SO much for all the hard work and adorable-ness you put into the pouch. I really love it!!!!!

    1. A very big thank you to you Kimberly!!! You can't imagine how happy I am that you liked the pouch I made. It's been really kind of you to post a comment here, I'm really glad that you kept in touch! Making hexies was really fun and I strongly recommend you to make some, they're the perfect hand-sewing project when you feel like spending an evening glued to the sofa watching TV! The treats you found in the pouch were my favourite candy when I was a child but if I had to choose only one... I'd also go for the Bueno bars! Conguitos are yummy but I agree with your husband... Kinder Bueno has one of the most delicious fillings I've tasted! Thanks again for your comment, it's been a pleasure to meet you!